2003 Pee-Wee Scrappers

Coach Walch, Coach Cox, Coach Dye, Coach Kelly, Coach Stewart
Tyler Owens, Ethan Langston, Benjamin Gries, Jack Walsh, Wade Cox, Kevin Kelly
Sam Weber, Hunter Dye, Zack Walch, Nelson Stewart, Lane Langston


Team Season Highlights

  • The Scrappers had a 5 game winning streak
  • The Scrappers held its opponents to under 10 runs in 12 of 15 games
  • Of the Scrappers 7 losses, 6 were by 1 or 2 runs.  We were in every game.
  • Very Coach able, follow directions, pay attention, learns from mistakes made, even followed signals  
  •  Beat the league Champions!
  •  Beat the league runners up 3 times

Individual Accomplishments

  • Sam and Jack tied for the home run lead with 4 each.
  • Sam led the team in RBI’s and Total Bases
  • Kevin led the team in Singles, Doubles, Runs Scored and On Base Percentage
  • Lane led the team with 9 walks and was second on the team in defensive outs (13)
  • Nelson reached base in every game, he also caught a game when Ethan was sick
  • Ethen learned to walk to the mound and settle the pitchers down
  • Kevin had a perfect game with 9/9 strikeouts
  • Lanes glove was taken off by a line drive hit by Justin Henderson picked up the ball and through to Kevin for the final out of the game to win the game against the River Dogs in the late game of our double header win.
  • Tyler Owens running grab of a fly ball saved the game against the league champions Bulls

Individual Awards

Hunter Dye - Iron Man Award – Hit by pitch in practice,   

Benjamin Gries - Rookie of the Year (1st year in organized ball)

Tyler Owens - Sportscenter Highlight Reel Award – da nu nunt, da nu nunt - Best Defensive Play of the Year

Nelson Stewart - Mr Hustle Award - Kid Pitch - Most Fundamentally Sound, High Potential

Zack Walch - Golden Glove Award

Wade Cox - Babe Ruth Award - Utility Player of the Year (Started at SS, L, 1B, Pitcher)

Ethan Langston - Javy Lopez Award  - The Best Catcher in the League

Lane Langston - Defensive Player of the Year -

Jack Walsh - Cy Young Award (Pitcher of the Year)

Sam Weber - Sammy Sosa Slugger Award - Jim Thorpe Award (Best all around athlete)

Kevin Kelly - MVP


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