2004 Pee-Wee Athletics

Coach Walch, Coach Settlage, Coach Shlossman, Coach Peters
Nathan Settlage, Harrison Kerr, Andrew Shlossman, Ian Lloyd, Trey Peters, Alex Howard, Collin Jenkins, Nelson Stewart, Zack Walch, Denver Jones, Aaron Sett
Jake Walch

 2004 Fall As Championship

You Betcha!  The A's rallied from a 4-0 deficit to win the championship on a beautiful fall night in Norcross by a score of 12 to 6.  An unlikely hero Alex Howard went 2 for 2 with 2 runs scored and shared the player of the game honors with all 11 teammates.  Harrison Kerr got out of a jam in the first and struck out the first batter in the third before being relieved by Nathan Settlage.  Nathan shut the door in the third, as he did earlier in the tournament.  "The turning point in the game was hard hit ball to short (Nathan) and he through a beebe over to Zack at first in the dirt, Zack dug it out and saw the runner from third heading for home.  He threw to the plate and Collin blocked the plate and tagged the runner out"  Coach Walch remarked after the game.  He added:

"When we picked this team, A coach at the draft remarked "You won't need a team picture, you can just use their mugshots instead".  He laughed at our team because he thought you couldn't play baseball, he thought we drafted a boy scout troup. 

 A good baseball team practices like they play, we have all 11 at every practice every time.  Thank you parents for being so engaged.  A good baseball team encourages each other when we make mistakes and high fives when we win, this team was made up of 11 TEAMMATES that call each other a friend.  A good baseball team grows throughout the season and gets better with every game.  We won 9 of our final 10 games.  A good baseball team has fun coming to the ball park.  I expect every player to be back this spring.

We set 4 goals this season, you hit all but one.  You hit the most important one, League Champs. You proved that coach wrong.  You are a great baseball team."

The team party will take place at the Shlossman residence on Friday, November 12.  An email will be forthcoming for more details.

Team Music

Aaron Sett - Revolution (Beatles)

Nathan Settlage - Allstar (Smashmouth)

Collin Jenkins - Get This Party Started (Pink)

Ian Lloyd - We Will Rock You  (Queen)

Trey Peters - Centerfield (John Fogerty)

Andrew Shlossman - Walk this way (Aerosmith)

Nelson Stewart - Bad to the bone (Thorogood)

Zack Walch - Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet)

Denver Jones - Alive

Harrison Kerr - Taking Care of Business (BTO)

Alex Howard - Owner of a lonely Heart (YES)


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