2009 Fall Buckhead Red Sox

Coach Scott Walch, Head Coach/Manager Merritt Huber
Zack Walch,  Coleman Morgan, Jesse Vaughan, Mack Hathaway, Blake Huber,
Spencer Breitzke, David Izard, Davis Baker, Jackson Linginfelter, Connor Fraundorf

2009 Fall Buckhead Major League


Fall Ball at Buckhead has two goals as follows:

  1. Create an opportunity for players to play baseball in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Allow players to experiment playing other positions they might not ordinarily play during the regular season.

With this in mind, we have the following rules for the Fall Ball season:

  1. Teams will bat through the order (1 through the number of players on the team).
  2. Free substitutions:  No player is to sit out consecutive innings or sit out more than 2 innings in the game.
  3. No player can pitch more than 2 innings in a game.  Note:  This does not mean you pitch any player on the roster.  Make sure the player can pitch and throw strikes.  Have a rule in place with the team, so a pitcher knows you will replace them if they walk 2 or 3 batters in an inning.  There is nothing more painful for the rest of the team or the spectators than to watch a pitcher walk batter after batter.
  4. Since Fall Baseball is a secondary sport for most of the participants, you are allowed to use any other players from another team(s) IN YOUR LEAGUE to field a team.  You may not add additional players if you have at least 9. 
  5. We want to develop catchers in our program.  So if a player has the ability and the desire, let them catch in your games.  Donít have the same player catch for 6 innings unless you have no other options at catcher!
  6. No inning starts after 1:45 minutes and games end at 1:55 (pitcher can finish pitching to a batter, but game ends).  We have 7 PM games and canít afford to get behind.  Keep the game moving!  If your pitcher is having trouble with the strike zone, take him out.
  7. No infield before the start of a game even if you are the 1st game of the day. 


Mgr:  Bob Cancelliere
Mgr:  Jamie Carroll
1 Joseph Adams   1 Max Berman
2 Shota Ahn 2 Jack Carroll
3 Dylan Bala 3 Austin Jeter
4 Harrison Barnes 4 Andrew Link
5 Ross Berlin 5 Nathan Little
6 Hayes Cancelliere 6 Spencer Madison
7 Dylan Goodwin 7 Graeme McLeod
8 Will Goodwin 8 James Taylor Potts
9 Jimmy Mccarthy 9 Henry Richardson
10 Evan McKown 10 Jack Sanders
11 Matt Snellings 11 Gavin Tryon


Mgr:  Houston Payne
Mgr:  Brett Willis
1 Mohammod Anwar   1 Bo Adams
2 Will Brogan 2 Mason Anthony
3 William Fowler 3 Philip Brahana
4 Philip Markwalter 4 Hampton Brannon
5 Ian Payne 5 Parker Davis
6 Christopher Shaw, Jr. 6 Jacob Koerper
7 Michael Spears 7 Mikey Olson
8 Steven Spears 8 Bryant Schouest
9 Jay Stanga 9 Ryan Tuemler
10 Christopher Weaver 10 Jared Yenewine
11 Wilson White 11 Hank Blain


Mgr:  Brian Feldman
Mgr:  Merritt Huber
1 Hunter Adams   1 Davis Baker
2 Jack Bedinger 2 Spencer Breitzke
3 Christian Bradley 3 Carter Dixon
4 Ryland Chapman 4 Connor Fraundorf
5 Benjamin Feldman 5 Mack Hathaway
6 Jack FitzGerald 6 Blake Huber
7 Clarke McCollum 7 David Izard
8 Joshua Miller 8 Jackson Linginfelter
9 Chase Perkins 9 Coleman Morgan
10 Will Roberts 10 Jesse Vaughan
11 Nicholas Ventulett 11 Zack Walch


Mgr:  Tanner Leggett
Mgr:  Chris Adair
1 Henry Bruce   1 James Harrison
2 Jack Eichenlaub 2 Ben Adair
3 Alfredo Granier 3 Jack Hoch
4 Bennett Kahn 4 Christopher McNulty
5 John Long 5 Hayden Page
6 Luke Miltner 6 Sam Pritchard
7 Andrew Monden 7 Dean Reamsnyder
8 Zach Neal 8 Bradley Reeves, Jr.
9 Mitchell Ryan 9 Nelson Stewart
10 Andrew Taylor 10 Brighton Sweeney
11 William Vansant 11 Austin Willis





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