2007 Norcross 9U Year End Poem

The Ballad of the Norcross 9U Team
We began our travel season on a October Sunday Scene.
With hopes that our sons would make it on the team.

There were 28 kids trying out for 11 slots.
We all wondered- would they make it or not?

The GGBL was sure different from Pinckneyville Park.
Most of our games were played after dark.

But, our kids loved baseball, so we forged on through.
Our upcoming season would make their dreams come true.

Our first tourney game was at South Gwinnett.
Christopher hit his first ball out the park and we were all set.

This was our first outing- so, it was all new.
But we realized that weekend, we had a great crew!

Loganville was our first game.
Mrs. Vaughan fed barbeque to all of those that came.
Jesse responded by hitting lights out.
We were a team to be reckoned with, there was no doubt!

Jacob- Boy! On those bases he was fast!
To watch him run was a blast!

Hey Mikey!  You “Wowed” me with all of your hits.
And our new bank account at Peachtree now sits!

To Sam, Oh My Gosh! Your pitching was smashing!
And to the games your whole family was dashing!

Andrew- Your pitching and fielding- Well, what can I say?
The opposing teams were hoping you were on a vacation day!

At Shortstop and Second- There was Drew.
Sure not many players out there as good as you!!

To Michael: The Wooden Bat tournament comes to my mind.
They all realized a pitcher like you- they would like to find!

Brendan: Unbelievable job pitching at Mill Creek!
After losing they had to run laps- their coach- What a Freak!!

Griffin- You had a tough job between, pitching, second, and catching home plate.
But, you rised to the challenge and you did just great!

Zack- Before the games at our house- you always set the tone.
I am very proud to call you my own!

To Coach Bauer- Nothing goes unnoticed of what you do!
So, for the batting practices and pitching counts- A big Thank you!!

To Coach Gassert- On first- you were a welcoming face.
And, off to second you would send the kids to race!

Coach Ramsey: Four Boys?  How you put in the time- I do not know!
Next year, I won’t let your diet coke run low!

To Mr. McNulty: Our fellow Midwest friend, Super job with every stat!
Here's to the Cub stats being that fat!

Mr. Olson: All those photos- you did so much!
And, your write-ups were a great way for the team to stay in touch.

To our head cheerleader- Gina Gassert- who always made a big “to do”
Even after our players passed home plate- she could be heard yelling,
“WU! WU! WU!          WU!”

 Thank you Jackie! Our Secretary, Treasurer, and general Head Master!
Without Jackie, our team finances would be a disaster!

To Jen Thunhorst, our leader of the 9U concession stand.
Always there to lend a helping hand.

Becky- she came with the bottles in toe. Our teams water never ran low!

Jake- Great job as the JSPN “One Man” crew!
Our opposing teams wish they had someone like you!

The 9U season- How much better does it get? My prediction?
We will win the GGBL next year- it’s a BET!!





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