2008 Norcross 10U Year End Poem

The Ballad of the 10U Blue Devils
We began the 10 U Season with a party at the McNulty’s- a good time had by all!
With Mary manning the concession, our kids were ready to play ball!!

We were wondering- how do we top last year’s fun?
Maybe a trip to Panama City in the Sun!
First, Second, or Third- we did not place.
But off to the beach, mini-golf, pool, and go carts- our kids did race!

Our Wooden Bat Tourney- at All Players Park.
Cobb County Teams? Our outcome looked Dark!
Coach Scott – the intentional walk in was his call.
That made all of us wonder- Does he really know Ball?

We were right there to the end, a message we did send!
Those Norcross Blue Devils were sure to contend!!

One of the first GGBL games was Dacula Gold.
Our kids won by one and first place we would hold.

On to our kids- that’s why we are here!
As my own get bigger, I often shed a tear..

To Jacob- I think of you batting and stealing that base.
More Importantly, you played with such pride and always a smile on your face!

To Andrew- I picture you at short and always making the terrific stop.
More Importantly, your “Can do” attitude and good nature is really what puts you on top!

To Sam- Your homerun was awesome and all of the great pitches from the mound!
More Importantly, your leadership on and off the field is what makes you fundamentally sound!

To Mike- Your Hits, Pitches, and great diving catches come to my mind!
More Importantly, your ability to be a good and trusting friend- you will learn is hard to find!

To Brendan- I always think of you as a guy who can pitch with no stress.
More Importantly, You always give life your best and no less.

To Nelson- You did great at so many positions! But, Catching for Zack was my favorite thing!
More Importantly, your ability to work hard and truly earn your spot on this team proves that you will always be King!!

To Drew- I can picture you on second with a quick Flick of the wrist.
More Importantly, Your great manners and sportsmanship is what will always make you top of the list!

To Griffin- I can picture you in the Catchers Gear- Always blocking the pitch!
More Importantly- Your constant drive, hard work and work ethic is what will make you rich!

To Jesse- My fondest memory of you was your big homerun at Pinckneyville Park.
More Importantly, was the Lesson I learned from you when your dad told me you were praying good wishes for the Hebron team well after dark!

To Chris- I think back to the GGBL tournament and the triple you hit!
More Importantly, is your “Want to Win” in life- I just know you’ll never quit!

Zack- Well, what to say- the outfield was your favorite spot!
More Importantly, You studied hard this year and learned that those Grades mean a lot!

On to the Coaches- Lets start with Scott.
His song was “Give me three steps- those kids gave him that and a lot more, I thought!

Coach Ramsey’s big saying to keep us all on track.
“Take all you can and give nothing back”

Coach Pat- Always there to greet our kids on first after our kids were at bat.
My favorite saying from him was to the umpire- “Respectfully, can I talk to you about that”?

To Coach John- an awesome third base coach- enthusiasm he sure did not lack.
The kids and the parents will all remember his words- BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK!

Thank you Mr. Olson for always taking just the right shot!
The Pinckneyville Community and all of us look forward to your write ups- they mean a lot!

To Mr. Thunhorst- Thanks for your dedication and hard work with the stat book!
If there was ever a question of hit, error, or base hit, we all gave you the “Look”!

To Jackie- The uniforms, the Checkbook, and keeping us all straight.
We always knew to drop it in your mailbox and not to be Late!

To Mary- Thanks again for bringing the concessions- you went to a lot of trouble!
When North Gwinnett Comes next year- Let’s charge them double!!

To Jake- Thanks for Taping the Kiss cam and the Wave Too!
It is a sacrifice to travel and we are glad that you do!!

Our 10U Season, how much better does it get?
I say- lets win the whole thing next year- that’s one goal we ought to set!




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